Fire Pillsbury Law Firm if you have not already!!!

Attorney a jerk

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CEO is a jerk

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People are stupid for misinterpreting the word “NIGGA” as if it’s a BAD WORD. STUPID IDIOTS need to get a life and stop wasting people’s time with this SILLY BEHAVIOR and PUSSIFIED FEELINGS about NIGGA terminology.

You must be a verified Jerk or a Nigga to qualify, or you will not need verification if you aren’t and can pre-qualify for a jerk or nigga shirt.

Nigga please?

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20130531-115131.jpgIs it true that this guy is able to fold his feet like this? Nigga please or you’re a Jerk!


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Apple is a JERK because all they are doing is making people more depending on pointing and clicking, and not empowering people to think for themselves. People are dumb zombies when they use Apple Products. I have realized how stupid I become when I use Apple Products. I’m not getting more intelligent. Don’t forget how much radiation is going through people’s bodies when they are using Apple’s HIGH RADION PRODUCTS. Is Apple the JERK or t USER? I think you really know who’s making it easier for people. Is it their objective to CONTROL THE PEOPLE? So if you fall for the product, you’re the JERK, Right???!