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Formal Complaint

Dear Fire chief:

On 04/09/13, one of your fire officers. Krugg, approached me in front of my home in Sol Vista and gave me a Fire Inspection report. He was demanding I remove a small boat 13′ and trailer located in Sol vista, without specifying which exact laws I was breaking, only saying that I was blocking an egress, had flammable liquids, and was engaged in improper storage.

I questioned this. As the egress Mr. Krugg was referring to, does NOT meet the definition of an egress. See attached. The boat had a ½ gallon of gasoline in an approved container, and as far as I can tell from reading the fire codes and my extensive experience building restaurants and dealing with fire codes in Orange County, boat storage is not against any fire codes.

Mr. Krugg insisted it was an egress, that the reason the flammable liquids were a fire hazard was because the boat contained fiberglass and gasoline (MUCH MUCH like any golf cart), and it is against fire codes to store a boat in a multi-family dwelling. None of this is true of course.

None the less , on 04/11/13, Mr. Krugg cited me AS THE BOAT WAS BEING PULLED AWAY..5 minutes late from his 48 hour, ridiculous, unlawful demand. He utilized his time, other fire department men and vehicles, the harbor department staff, and sheriff department men and vehicles to stop me at the Mole as I was having my little boat craned back into the water.

Wasting tax dollars and violating my rights.
Therefore, I submit that Mr. Krugg has abused his power.

I would like to know if you are compelled to drop the ridiculous charge of ‘failure to comply’ because I am NOT required to comply with non-existent fire codes, The case number is H965159.

Another couple facts. Mr. Krugg, lives a few doors down. While I understand it may NOT be ok with the home owners association that I have the boat there, this is not Mr. Krugg’s business except that he is a homeowner. He was trying to force me to remove it using his fire department official credentials.

This amounts to Abuse of Power, a misdemeanor or felony in the state of California. I can state the exact penal codes for you if you would like.

I have enclosed a few attachments.

Best regards,